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My name is Anouk Prop and I'm a psychologist, registered Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500 YACEP) yoga teacher and reiki master. Originally from the Netherlands, where I was working as a psychologist and working on my PhD, I practiced hatha yoga for years, but never got hooked by it. My deep dedication for the yogic path and its healing effects was triggered during travelling in India in 2008. Being caught by the dynamic forms of yoga and its daily practice, the arising deep connection between body, mind and soul, I embarked on a journey of discovery towards deep inner strength, life force and purification on a physical and mental level. The discipline gives me focus, creates peace, clearness and concentration and ignited an inner fire that burns through all difficult obstacles in life. I found out that there was something that unifies and brings in the holistic aspect of healing.

Along the way I've completed teacher trainings in vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, mindfulness, CBT, system therapy & family constellations, trauma sensitive yoga, Y12SR and reiki, and dived deeper into the world of yoga therapy by following several courses in this area. The leading anchor on this path is the breath and therefore I specialized my Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (500 RYT) in pranayama with Paul Dallaghan and Sri OP Tiwariji.

I combine yoga, psycho therapy & energetic healing through their very compatible aspects and stress on the non-medical methods in healing and offer a holistic approach as such. Postgraduate education in trauma healing (somatic experience) in combination with yoga put into practice, I have a broad range of experience in the field in different settings, varying from working with children and adults with a history of abuse, addiction, anxiety disorders, depression, but also car-accidents and other traumatic events like war or natural disasters. I have worked independently for many years, in my own mind & body practice and as a free lancer for rehab clinics, yoga studios and mental health institutions in the Netherlands as well as in developing countries. 

I encounter people with deeply rooted tension, trauma or blockages on a level which goes beyond cognition and show that yoga and energetic healing can open doors in this. My mindful approach is focused on empowerment and guiding people towards their own unique essence by gently inviting them to look in the beautiful, though sometimes confronting mirror life provides, taken by my hand of compassion, positivity and enthusiasm.

I also stress the importance of karma yoga on the yogic path, which has led me to several places in the world to volunteer in projects to serve others. As a dedicated ambassador of Yoga Gives Back I travel often to India to work with traumatized orphans and women, using yoga as a tool to heal.

My heart is my leading anchor in realizing my dreams.. I left the academic world (and my PhD) after a while to really work with people in an authentic way. After running my own mind & body practice in the Netherlands successfully for many years, I decided to spread my wings and support orphans in trauma healing in India, where I stayed for several months and where I now go back frequently. After this I lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I was studio manager of a yoga NGO to bring the healing power of yoga into the local communities. After that I was based in Koh Samui, Thailand for 3,5 years where I worked amongst others as a yoga teacher, psychologist and life enhancement mentor at Kamalaya, a 5 star wellness sanctuary and Samahita Retreat (Yoga Thailand). Currently I'm based in the Netherlands where I'm working independently as a therapist for psychology practice Zielkracht, for Jeugd Trauma Herstel Limburg working with traumatised children and youth, private clinic U-center and Yogaplace where I'm involved as main teacher in a 200 hours intensive teacher training and continuing education modules focused on yoga, healing, trauma therapy and therapeutic adjustments. In addition I offer face to face or online private and group sessions, give workshops on yoga, trauma healing and reiki.

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