Just breathe

September 2, 2016

Life is not about how many breaths you take, but about the moments that take your breath away...


Take a moment. Close your eyes. Feel your feet on the floor. Your presence in this very moment. Life as it is. You. Here. Now. Inhale the gift of life, stay with the upcoming tsunami of overwhelmingness, feel the electricity running through your veins, feel the current flowing through every cell of the precious beautiful being that you are. Stay there. It's ok. Find your inner smile while anchoring this moment more by deepening the connection with the ground underneath you. Feel. Exhale from deep down in your belly. Release. Let go. Sigh.


You're here. Right now. No other place where you belong at this moment. In the safe haven of the present. Surrounded by life as it is. Love. Just be. And breathe.




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