Soul diving

October 6, 2016

The rainbow doesn't end just by touching the flat line of the surface. Although the water is mirroring and separating in a way, there's a real invitation within. Do you ever wonder what's underneath? How the colors will transform when being in an endless sea of waves that come and go?


The refraction of light. An infinite palette of truth. The horizon and beyond. Deeper drawn into a dimension of just being. You. No words. Silence. The ultrasonic sound of the dolphins. Incomprehensible, yet so connected.


The pot of gold is to be found somewhere at the bottom. Dive deep. Hold your breath. Keep your eyes open even though the salt burns into tears. It's ok. Feel. Drift away by the undercurrents of the subconscious. Jump fiercely on your sea horse and go for your treasure hunt. It's always there. Somersaults into the unknown. Being hold by the lightness of water, surrounded by the shadows of the creatures of the underwater world. What we see on the outside, is not always a reflection of what's going on inside. It's much more. Multiplied. Magnified. In a light that carries you to the essence. Your foundation. The center of the center. But it's only visible if you go there. Jump. Where the colors hit the water back into deep reflection of yourself. Head under water. Follow the ray of rainbow light.


Traveling home on an inner journey into unknown land at the bottom of the deep blue sea enriches your world with the discovery of the most precious treasure...a shell with your self in the flow of life.




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