Letting go with love

April 6, 2017

Supta Baddha Konasana. Open your heart and breathe through the vulnerability of the pose. Before we can let go what no longer serves us, we have to be able to embrace it to the fullest and accept it in all its aspects. We often have the tendency to push everything away we don't want to be in our lives. To avoid. To numb. To not feel. By doing this, we're still holding on. 

We can't let go of something which we haven't held. 

Freedom comes if we open ourselves for that what wants to be released. Observe. Hold it in your hands. Embrace it. Look at it from a place of compassion and acceptance. And from here simply just be with whatever there is. Knowing that it's ok. We don't need an instant fix. We don't need to solve the problem. Just be with whatever there is and breathe. The more we force, the more resistance will occur. If we give time and space a place to be, things will go away by itself. 

Inhale embrace. Exhale release and let go. A sigh of love breezed through our inner spaces tonight, taking away everything that was ready to leave. Creating space for the new. 




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