Colors of illusion

September 7, 2017

A beautiful palette of colours is presenting itself as a masterpiece of art from ancient times. Blown away by the breeze of light. In your naivety being sucked into the magnificence made up in an overwhelming play of reflections. Merging in the ecstatic dance of the soft sky. Feeling connected with all there is.

And you know what? Sometimes there is just nothing. Or only superficial layers that masquerade something totally different inside. A fata morgana.

Blinded by the colours of illusion, we can’t see clearly. And our strong romantic beliefs in the ideal that must be real hamper us to feel what’s really real. Being fooled by the manipulation of reality where the artist wants to make us belief something. In our full adoration we’re being caught in the fascination of a surrealistic painting Dali style and then finding out it’s fake.


Then it’s time to wake up. Open your eyes to the truth. Break the chains of the beliefs that are holding you in a world that’s not real. Look into a different direction. This is not the place to be. Let go of the picture perfect and accept that this is what it is, although it hurts. Stay in the vulnerability of your open heart. Without judgement. Don’t go into the drama of the deception and don’t let your taste be ruined by bitterness. This is reality. This is life.


And yes, it’s not easy. Awakening doesn’t come with fireworks or flashy unicorns riding the shiny rainbow. It opens your eyes in its rawness and makes you painfully feel what’s real. A hard confrontation with letting go of the illusion and seeing the true colours behind the scene that is so beautifully presented. A deep heart grief, touching your foundations of trust and faith. Don’t betray yourself by staying in the illusion. Keep on going. You’re on the right path. Stay true to yourself. There is no way back. Only the way within remains. With a gentle invitation to look at the beautiful unique piece of art that you are. That’s always real. No reproduction in this world. Trust your own colours illuminating your path to the truth.




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