...the answers came within myself

I met Anouk almost a year and a half ago when I was facing mental and physical difficulties.  Having not knowing what to do, my partner suggested to see a psychologist to find out what was going on in me. The first time I had a session with her, I didn’t know what to talk about. I talked anyway, I suppose, about whatever came to my mind and she listened. 

There was a click between us I felt. It was important for me to be able to trust the person I share my personal experiences with. Every time I had a session with her, I felt good. I felt lighter. She helped me to open my heart and to have contact with my mind and body. There was no judgement or criticism in her eyes. She didn’t tell me how to deal with things according to books. She asked me questions and the answers came within myself. 

Questions still rise in my head after a year of biweekly session with her. However she taught me how to observe them from different perspectives. To have balance and connection between mind and body bring harmony in life. Now I take yoga lesson with her and it just feels great.

S.T. on coaching and yoga 

Encountering and embracing life

I came to see Anouk with a question about how to create more balance in my work and private life. With her open and empathic approach, she knew immediately how to win my trust. This made me to show my shadow parts and in a way to experience them myself as well. Moreover she was able, without a doubt, to put a finger on some limiting beliefs that were hampering me to live freely and fully and enjoy life as it is in the present moment. Anouk brought me back in touch with the earth, my feet and the power within myself, so that I can embrace life in all it's facets to the fullest; in deep awareness, confidence and gratitude. 

J. on coaching 

Self awareness

Anouk is someone who really listens to me with sincerity and non-judgement and she takes the time that is needed for this. With compassion and enthusiasm and in a way that makes me feel comfortable and at ease. She gave me so much self awareness in the past months to be able to improve and change in the future. I'm very happy with her approach. 

Client anonymous on coaching 

Frank and open as if we were face to face

My sessions with Anouk have been one of the best investments I've ever made! She has an ability to really help me cut through complex problems and get to the root cause. I've been able to see old habits in a new light and with simple steps have been able to begin to change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours, making a huge difference in many aspects of my life. Even though we have our sessions on Skype we are able to have very frank and open conservations as if we were face to face.  I feel lucky to have found Anouk.

Claire on online coaching

Transcending trauma

I met Anouk at a very challenging time in my life when I was trying to work through some very difficult traumas and make some big decisions. Through her skillful combination of mindfulness, holistic insight, therapy and natural empathy and understanding, she was able to help me not only transcend the trauma but start to build a new and deep foundation of self worth and confidence in a short space of time. I would highly recommend her both in person, and by distance.

Client anonymous on coaching & therapy

I'm now in charge of my path, my direction, my life

Finding Anouk was the first step in transforming my life and rediscovering what it is to be happy. After a PhD and children I had  lost my way and my balance. I had essentially lost 'me'. With the gentle support, coaching and safe-haven Anouk provides, as well as the flexible approach (no ‘one-size fits all’), I feel like I am now in charge of my path, my direction, my life.

As Anouk aptly put it: ‘it’s my party!’ Anouk has been a guiding light for which I will be ever grateful.

Carol Nighiollarnath on coaching

Trauma healing through yoga

“It was really a great meaningful experience for me. I could feel how yoga is “manipulating” my nervous system! Combination of  theory and practices worked for me very well. Anouk’s approach is really affirming and she generated a sense of comfort and safety. I’m so glad I participated! Thank you!”

“The Trauma Healing through Yoga was such a valuable workshop for me professionally and personally. Understanding how to use yoga to heal and address trauma in our lives is such a effective tool. I really enjoyed learning from Anouk in such a safe and open environment!

participants of Trauma Healing Through Yoga workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 


The yoga classes of Anouk are professional and emphatic. She knows what the group needs.  Her presence and instructions feel so natural and familiar that I'm really able to get into a flow on my yoga mat where my mind is still.  Anouk is traditional and devoted in her Ashtanga classes and creative and dedicated in her other classes. Exactly what's needed in these moments. Because she lives the yoga philosophy herself, she teaches what she preaches and this makes her very real and credible for her students and is she an inspiration for many! 

Vicky on yoga 


Back on track

One year ago I was facing one of the most difficult stages in my life, personally and professionally speaking with a huge lack of self confidence. I was not able to cope with any kind of stress. At that point I decided to look for professional help and it is how I met Anouk Prop. She progressively put me back on track after a few sessions thanks to a few tools and advice she gave to me  that I could apply in my daily life under my circumstances. There was always an excellent communication which made it easier to share feelings and to find the gaps for improvement. Excellent result and an extra support that can be used for so many different purposes.

The additional yoga sessions I did with her has provided me with a level of strength and flexibility that I did not have in the past. It is the perfect combination between physical exercises and meditation that will allow you to release you physically and mentally. And it is a very nice way to make time for yourself and have a break.  It is something that I recommend to everybody.

B.R. on coaching and yoga 

No better guide

Anouk helps me to open up my world by learning to bring my awareness inside and guides me in whatever I encounter during that journey. This brings me closer to myself and gives me a sense of balance. Therefore I feel empowered to stand up and just be myself in the outside world. There's no better guide than Anouk on whom I can fully trust for 100% and I wish everyone the same experiences with her support and guidance.

M. on coaching

Less scary to sink once in a while...

Anouk's biggest strength as a coach for me is her ability to really listen. She does this very carefully, gives me the space to be and knows how to analyse and bring structure into my stories. She comes up with clear insights and striking conclusions that I couldn't come up with myself. Also she challenges me by asking confronting questions. something that close people around me would never do.  

Anouk is like a life guard for me. She stands at the side of the shore and teaches me how to swim in the sea of life. She's there for me when I'm about to drown.  And that makes it less scary for me to sink once in a while. 

Noortje on coaching 

A sense of safety

Anouk's yoga classes are lovely. I experience them as stimulating and relaxing at the same time. Anouk is always very clear in her instructions, careful and gives good adjustments when needed. This creates a sense of safety for me, and because of that I feel challenged to go a little bit further and deeper step by step. It's such a pleasant peaceful feeling to be able to surrender to deep relaxation at the end of the class and feel the energy flowing through my body. A bubbly body full of energy and an empty mind, it's great! I have experienced how old stuff is being stored in the body and how I can release it. Wonderful! 

Marieke on yoga 

My healing journey

I am very grateful for the possibility to continue my healing journey with Anouk. The online sessions allow me to have support and guidance no matter where I am. Anouk is able to be as much present as in person, always giving me deep listening and understanding as well as support, clarity, encouragement, guiding me through challenges or whatever I perceive as a challenge, with he very unique way and approach , always sober, loving and respectful. Thank you Anouk!

L. on coaching

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